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Interior of Restaurant

Commercial Pest Control

Doctor Pest Control offers you the most effective, safe and reliable service in the industry that we are involved with. We will customize pest control services as per your business needs based on a detailed inspection of your facility. Doctor Pest Control provides Eco Friendly Pest Solutions to small, medium and large corporations, warehouses, grocery stores and food processing areas like restaurants and bakeries.

Some of the main areas that are prone to infection in the corporations are the restaurant and eatery which require a persistent control despite some of them being clean. The services of Doctor Pest Control in Toronto and vicinity ensures these areas are handled promptly before it goes out of control.  Commercial environment encounter unique challenges for business owners and their employees. The presence of single pest in a business area can be embarrassing and has the potential of leading to the loss of current and potential customers.

 There are different plans for commercial customers like:     

                                                                                                           Weekly Pest Control

                                                                                                            Bi-Weekly Pest Control

                                                                                                            Monthly Pest Control

                                                                                                            Bi-Monthly Pest Control

                                                                                                            Quarterly Pest Control

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